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Project Description
Provides easy programmatic access to Silverlight Streaming accounts to upload, delete and browse silverlight applications, files, etc.

This project was coded in a couple of hours during a weekend as a quick and dirty spike to check how hard could be to access and integrate Silverlight Streaming accounts (SLS account) in your own applications. It turned out to be pretty easy :-)

This project uses Silverlight Streaming simple REST API to perform all operations again your SLS account.

Right now the only option you have to administer your Silverlight Streaming account is to use the online (Admin website) which works but it's a boring and tedious task.

Using the Silverlight Streaming Library you could write your own winform client app to manage your SLE account, your own custom toolwindow within Visual Studio (just to feel "at home"), etc. If you write your own client for using this library please let me know! (I don't want your money, I'm just curious).

To start learning about the Silverlight Streaming Library take a look at:

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